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How to Step Dance with Victor Sho

Learn about choreographer Victor Sho, one of Howcast's step dance experts, in this video.


Hi my name is Victor Show, and today we are going to be working on a stepping series okay? Stepping to me is a big ordeal, you know. It's basically the first kind of dance style that I was related to where I actually had to learn choreography.

I come from a step dance company called “Players." “Players" stand for participating in the lives amongst youth to educate, and restore society. It was a part of this not for profit organization called “Teen In Motion," and that's where I learned how to step dance. That's where I learned how to model. That's where I learned how to do hip-hop dancing. It was my introduction to the performing arts.

So, stepping is definitely something that is, like I said is a form of a body of percussion where you know, you're using your hands, your feet, and your body to make sounds, and beats that go together, and I hope you enjoy this series, because you’re going to get some serious foundational tips that's going to make you a better stepper, and it's based off my style of step, and how I relate to it.

To find out more about me, you can go to Victor Show dot com.

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