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How to Do a Foxtrot Sway Step

Learn how to do a foxtrot sway step from dance instructors Aaron Mitchum and Kristina Reese in this ballroom dance tutorial from Howcast.


Aaron: Hi guys. It's Aaron.

Christina: And I'm Christina.

Aaron: And we are professional dance instructors here in New York City. Today we're going to be finishing up our Fox Trot series with the sway step.

So what we're going to do is go ahead and jump right in. We're going to be starting it in close position with our partner here and starting with one basic action. Walk, walk, side, together. Now from here we're going to commence the sway action, stepping to our left, the ladies right and stepping and brushing our right and left foot respectively in as we then switch to the other side swaying. And now finishing up with a side, together, side, together. Now let's take a look at the timing of this step. Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow, quick, quick, quick, quick.

A little bit of a change from what we've been used to. Now let's take a little bit of an open hold so that we can get a better look at Christina and my own feet as we go. And slow, slow, quick, quick, and sway, sway, side, together, side, together. From here we can commence into our basic action, our corner step or a promenade. Either way, it's your choice. So, let's try this to music.

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