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How to Do a Rumba Ladies Underarm Turn

Learn how to do a rumba ladies underarm turn from dance instructors Aaron Mitchum and Kristina Reese in this ballroom dance tutorial from Howcast.


Aaron: Hey guys, it's Aaron.

Kristina: And I'm Kristina.

Aaron: And we are professional dance instructors here in New York City, and today we're going to be going a little bit further into our rumba series, talking about the ladies' underarm turn. So what we're going to do for starters is we're going to start in our closed position. And from here we're going to start with our basic action. Slow, quick quick. Slow, quick quick. Slow, and side together. Now from here, gentlemen, as we step back on our right we are going to drop our right arm and we're going to open up palm to palm with our left to right hand hold here as the lady steps forward, and now she has a three step turn, walking, forward, forward, forward. And side, together, to pick her back up, coming back into our closed basic.

Now let's take a look again at what we're doing guys. Our footwork does not change. We are going to continue with this box step action. Slow, side together. Foward, and turning side together, back, to meet the lady. So let's take a look at that one more time. And slow, quick quick. Slow, quick quick. Slow, and side together. Slow, quick quick. Slow. Now let's talk a little bit, just briefly touch on what the lady is doing again.

Kristina: So ladies, you have the first half of the box, which is the first three steps. Starting with our right going back we have slow, quick quick. Now from here when he drops our left side and raises our right, most importantly take this first step on your left directly toward him. Don't cross it over in anticipation of the turn but go ahead and step directly into him for slow. Then we have three steps all forward. Imagine you're walking around the rim of a bucket. So you're going right, left, right. Then you're going to take your left foot, step side, close your right foot to your left foot, and then you're ready for that second half of the box. Forward, side together.

Aaron: Now let's try that with some music.

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