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How to Do Mambo Swivels

Learn how to do mambo swivels from dance instructors Aaron Mitchum and Kristina Reese in this ballroom dance tutorial from Howcast.


Aaron: Hey guys, it's Aaron.

Kristina: And I'm Kristina.

Aaron: And we're professional dance instructors here in New York City, and today we're going to be continuing our mambo series, taking a look at a swivel action together with our partner.

Kristina: Alright. So to begin this action off, we are going to take a closed dance frame with a little bit of a lower hold with the palm to palm connection. And right off the bat instead of starting forward and back we're both going to rock back. He's going to go on his left. I'm going to go on my right for two, three, four. So at this point we've stepped out to the side. We're facing each other. Now, for the ladies, we are going to cross our right foot over in a series of crossing and uncrossing, crossing and uncrossing to create the swivels.

So we have two, three, four. Two, three, four. And then we are going to take our left foot stepping and pivoting kind of like the end of a cross body lead. Two, three, four with our feet closed to go back into the basic. Two, three, four. Alright, let's try that again. And two, three, four. Two, three, four. Two, three, four. Two, three, four. So one tip to help both people do this move is to, again, keep good tone in your arms and in your frame, keeping your back muscles down and just a nice tone in your frame so that we can use each other and help each other to create the swivel action. And if our arms are just really loose and spaghetti-like there's no way that he'll be able to lead me to do this figure.

Aaron: So let's try that with music.

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