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How to Ballroom Dance with Aaron Mitchum & Kristina Reese

Learn about dance instructors Aaron Mitchum and Kristina Reese, two of Howcast's ballroom dance experts, in this video.


Aaron: Hi guys, I'm Aaron.

Kristina: And I'm Kristina.

Aaron: And we are professional dance instructors here in New York City. I've been teaching dance now for about 12 years I believe coming up this fall, teaching both competitive and social, Latin American and ballroom dancing. I think the thing that got me most excited when I started, I just stumbled into a dance studio by accident. I was into working on cars and I was a speed skater growing up through my teenage years.

The artistry I guess you'd say of it was great. It was gorgeous. It attracts us all. It pulls us all in, but I think the thing that struck me the most was the conversation that was actually happening without words between two people. I thought that was a really powerful thing, and being able to share those emotions and connect and interpret with the music, just to be able to share that joy and my own passion as well as share in other people's joy and discovery and passion through dance has been something that I think has just kept me going.

Kristina: I have been dancing ballroom and Latin dancing for about eight years now. I competed in college and really fell in love with it. And I've been really fortunate. I've travelled the country, competing and teaching and performing and I've met so many interesting people and had so many neat opportunities. I love ballroom dance because there's so many styles and those styles have different characteristics and moods and feelings associated with the dances.

And the music, you know, you have the elegance and the grace of a waltz, and then you have the spiciness of a salsa. There's just such a wide range. And the amazing thing about dance for me, and teaching, is getting people to those, like, ah-ha moments where, you know, that step makes sense or they've mastered that move and they, you know, they get it. And the other thing that's really great about dance is that it's something you can do your whole life long. So, you know, you can do it when you're a child and then, you know, you can do it well into your older, golden years.

Aaron: So we hope that this series has been both educational and inspiring, and hopefully excited some of you to get out there and take a lesson yourself or explore the world of ballroom and Latin dancing and just see where it takes you. And be sure to look for us on our Facebook fan page where you can contact us directly via email as well as our own personal websites as well as through the Facebook page itself. I believe you can find us just by searching Aaron and Kristina.

Kristina: Aaron and Kristina.

Aaron: Yes. And we are available for private instruction as well as to give performances. Again, enjoy the series, and it's been great working together here again, and we look forward to seeing you guys out there soon.

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