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How to Set Up an Area for Your New Puppy

Learn how to set up an area for your new puppy from dog trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this Howcast video.


So here's a good example of how you would set up your puppy's area in your home. We have a long-term confinement area, which is this exercise pen, and this could be configured in different shapes. I usually try to keep it where the dog has a lot of surface area to move around. We have the crate here in one of the far back corners with the door propped open. The water dish is in the front, in front of the crate, and of course plenty of chew toys and puzzle toys for the dog to play with and be occupied with during the day inside the crate, that she can take out as well. The bathroom and toileting area is as far away from the food as possible in the far back corner, opposite the crate here. So she has an area where she can go and an area where she can play, and an area where she can lay and sleep so that it's not all, you know, trying to discourage her from walking in or laying in her own mess.

Make sure that she has a nice little comfortable towel in the back of this crate. You can have the whole bottom of the crate be a bed. It's perfectly fine. It's just her particular setup right now is just a towel in the back where we have a comfortable area for the dog to sleep, an area for her to drink and eat and play, and then a toileting area. This would be considered a long-term confinement area where the dog could be kept while you're away for the day. Then we would use the crate for overnights or short-term confinement. So that would be a really good example of setting up an area for your new puppy in your house.

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