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How to Protect New Puppy from Separation Anxiety

Learn how to prevemt your new puppy from having separation anxiety with the tips from trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this Howcast video.


Separation anxiety is actually one of the bigger issues that dog owners can face. A lot of people will actually get eviction notices, complaints from the neighbors, so on and so forth over a dog that is barking all day or worse a dog who's doing some destructive chewing or even self-destructive chewing.

Getting a dog to a place where it's comfortable being left alone should be a pretty high priority for any new dog owner. Crate training and getting the confinement spaces are great way for a dog to learn how to be alone.

You should also talk to your breeder about having the dog be separated from its litter mates and from the breeder for any amount of time so that the dog hasn't just gone from being at the breeder with all his brothers and sisters sleeping in a heap with his mother and then all of a sudden in a crate in your kitchen for the first time. It's going to be a really tough transition.

However, if you do find that your dog is having some issues where it seems to be a little nervous about it, I would go out of my way to teach the dog how to stay and teach the dog that staying while you leave the room results in positive reward.

You could also do some independence training where the dog is in a pen such as this and you're across the room from it so it can't be right under your feet but it's a very small amount of stress. It's a little exposure to the stresser without leaving the dog in the crate and then leaving the house for the day.

You're doing these little bits of exposure where the dog is having some positive experiences with that separation. All right so getting ahead of it before it's ever a problem is a really big deal.

If you have taken the summer off so you can spend the summer with your puppy make sure you've given it plenty of time to acclimate to being alone.

You see a lot of people, a lot of teacher or people who have flexible schedules will purposely get a puppy during off time or off season so they can spend a lot of time with it but then suddenly they go back to work, teacher goes back in September and the dog is having a really hard time adjusting.

So make sure that the dog is having a lot of experience especially as early as eight weeks when it comes to your house, that a dog is having a lot of experience being alone and being without you.

And those just a couple of helpful tips on how to avoiding separation anxiety.

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