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How to Get Your Puppy to Obey You

Learn how to get your puppy to obey you from dog trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this dog training video from Howcast.


So establishing leadership in your house between you and your new dog is a very important part of having a successful life together.

There are a lot of myths around leadership. Use of force or intimidation is if anything it'll damage your relationship. Teaching your dog that you're in charge by being louder or scarier than your dog is not recommended.

We come equipped already to be the dogs leader. We have thumbs, we have big old brains. They can't open their food, or the door to go outside without us. So, when you're teaching your dog basic commands like sit, and stay or lay down, even high five paw or rollover or touch, you can utilize those to kind of ask your dog to say please and thank you for the things you're providing it.

So, if you're going to feed the dog some dinner, fill the bowl up, ask the dog to sit, and stay and you offer the dog the food.

If you're going to open the door up, you ask the dog to sit, open the door so, the dog can ask permission for these things.

Likewise for furniture and human spaces. If you are going to allow your dog on the bed or the couch, I don't mind necessarily if you do so, but the dog should be asking you for an invitation. This way if the dog is particularly dirty or smelly or you don't necessarily want him in your bed at that exact moment and he asks you, he should be comfortable with the answer being no sometimes.

You wouldn't put with pushy behavior from your toddler, and you shouldn't put up with it from your dog. The dog should learn how to be polite guests in your house, or a polite member of your family.

So, utilizing basic obedience so that the dog can gain access to the resources that you're in control of, that's a great fresh start with establishing leadership between you and your dog.

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