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How to Care for Your Puppy's Teeth

Learn how to take care of your puppy's teeth from dog trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this Howcast video.


So just like with humans caring for a dogs teeth is essential to his overall health and longevity. Dogs will develop a lot of teeth decay and gum disease and things like that it can be a really difficult situation to treat, very expensive and very uncomfortable for the dog.

So prevention is always the best medicine, right? So in caring for a dog's teeth, we have Apollo here who's very big and he has very big and shiny and pretty teeth, okay? Some puppy teeth, some grown up teeth going on there.

First things first. Getting him comfortable with that sort of treatment. All right? I want to make sure that I can get my hand in and on his teeth and he's not going to be that upset by the whole thing. So I'm doing a little bit and then rewarding. Here you go. Not to mention my hands have been giving him treats this whole time so he already has a positive experience.

Again, starting with a puppy. With an adult dog that you don't know terribly well, you might want to take a little extra care in doing so or hire a professional. But for a puppy we want to start off on the right foot getting him comfortable with this sort of handling.

Now, they sell toothbrushes that go on your finger and they sell toothbrushes that are actual toothbrushes like human toothbrushes and there's doggie toothpaste, tastes like chicken, they seem to really dig it.

So I would usually start by having my hands in and around the dogs mouth without the toothpaste and then maybe put the toothbrush that goes on your finger tip in there and then if you wanted to go as far as using the actual toothbrush, toothbrush that's going to be an extra thing that might desensitize him too separately.

But once he's used to this sort of handling and grabbing and mouth massaging he's not going to think that much about it and you're going to be able to get in there and brush his teeth especially if it equals chicken flavored toothpaste, he'll be into it.

But all of this is ending in him getting rewards and praise and attention so he's not going to think twice about having his mouth handled. And that is how you're going to start taking care of your puppy's teeth.

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