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How to Get Your Puppy to Eat More Slowly

Learn how to get your puppy to eat more slowly from dog trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this dog training video from Howcast.


If your dog is a dog that just kind of wolfs down his food in three seconds you might find that the dog is then immediately is vomiting up or they're having some sort of intestinal issue from eating too fast. You may need to encourage that dog to eat a little bit more slowly. There are a few ways that we could do this.

My go to would be to put the food inside a puzzle toy like a kong or a hollow bone. Something that the dog can then dissect the food from and replace it's dish with that altogether. An extra step that I'd like to take is to then freeze that food. If it's just dry kibble you can mix in a teaspoon of wet food or even yogurt or cottage cheese or something that's the added consistency that would make it freeze well in the freezer so that the dog can then work on that although it might slow them down even more.

If you're finding that you have a dog and you just want them to eat at least one meal just from the dish for time sake or for whatever your preference maybe. They do sell something called the slow feeder bowl and that's almost like a bowl with a little raised center. So it's almost like a little moat. The dog has to chase the kibble around inside. But more often than not I would suggest freezing it inside a kong [SP] or something because it has so many other benefits for the dog. It gives the dog something mentally and physically stimulating to do as an environmental enrichment tool in the dogs day.

A lot of dogs like Frenchies [SP] or other short nosed dogs actually need to eat more slowly to prevent them from swallowing air. It keeps them from getting gasey [SP], helps keep their breathing ways clear and that's where a slow feeder bowl or a frozen puzzle toy really comes in handy. So try some of those tricks. That would be the best way for you to encourage your dog to eat a bit more slowly.

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