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How to Deal with an Aggressive Puppy

Learn how to deal with an aggressive puppy from dog trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this dog training video from Howcast.


How do you deal with an aggressive puppy?

Now, sometimes we're misunderstanding the puppy, sometimes we think that when a dog is nipping or jumping at us they're being aggressive. A lot of times a dog just play that way, especially in the evening before bed, they have a tendency to get really wound up and excited and their doing a lot of barking, a lot of biting, and a lot of jumping. A lot of this is just pushy behavior, some of this is inappropriate behavior, but it's not necessarily aggression.

For a dog like that you need to make sure you have some rules set up in the house for basic training and leadership protocols, where the dog knows that, you know, if you have a good settle down to where you are teaching the dog to lay down and stay and things like that, you can redirect them to chew on something that is more appropriate and a little bit more exciting than you are. But, for dogs who are truly aggressive, usually you don't see that in puppies even though it is a possibility threw breeding, or something, have a dog that is authentically aggressive as a puppy. And that would be something I would say to call in a professional trainer, somebody who has a certification in pet dog training.

But you want to make sure it's actually an aggression and it’s not just a really wound up excited dog nipping and jumping and biting and barking. That's not necessarily and aggression as much as it’s just excitement. But when it does come to true puppy aggression you should probably get some professional help and to give you some coping skills and training skills for that.

That's the best advice I can give you on an aggressive puppy.

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