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How to Find a Dog Breeder

Learn how to find a dog breeder from dog trainer Robert Haussmann of Dogboy, Inc. in this Howcast video.


In choosing the right breeder for your dog be sure to ask the right questions. You want to talk to the breeder about the temperament of the dog and they should be breeding for temperament and not just appearance. You want a dog who is outgoing, a dog who's friendly. No puppy should be afraid to approach you that's under eight weeks of age. You should be able to visit the breeding facility and they should also be asking you a lot of questions.

You can find a breeder who is really thorough almost to the point where you feel it's a little over the top. That's probably a good breeder. They're going to be as concerned with who's getting their puppy as you should be about what breeder you're choosing. Be sure that they're willing to let you meet the parents of the dog, the grandparents of the dog and discuss the blood line in detail.

The breeder can be doing also a lot of great things to try and get the dog prepared for life in your house. It should be exposing the dogs to a lot of people, a lot of experiences, a lot of noises. If you have a dog who's being bred and hasn't left the back yard of a Connecticut suburb and then you're bringing them to the middle of a big city, that could be a big shock for a dog. So a breeder can help you out in those departments too.

Most dogs should already have some basic obedience and some potty training under their belt before they come to your home. Try to avoid breeders who will send you your puppy, sight unseen across the country. This should be something that's very intimate and they should be asking you a lot of questions, be very discerning about where their puppies are going. So there are a lot of good resources online to find breeders through and that would be your first step in finding a good breeder.

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