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Puppy Care with Dogboy Inc.'s Robert Haussmann

Learn about certified professional dog trainer and canine behavior counselor Robert Haussmann, founder of Dogboy, Inc., in this Howcast video.


Hi my name is Robert Houseman, I'm a certified professional dog trainer. I've been working with dogs professionally for the last 12 years, and I grew up around puppies and dogs my whole life.

I own and operate " Dog Boy NYC" here in New York City. At " Dog Boy" we offer private in-home sessions, group classes, and dog walking.

I feel a great responsibility towards dogs and their owners. It's been a very rewarding business to own. It's been a very rewarding work experience to help dogs, and their owners throughout New York City.

Most people have the best of intentions when their dogs, but they really lack a lot of what to a dog trainer is common sense, but honestly it can be really tricky.

There are certain things about dogs that we misconstrue, and accidentally humanize that can be really damaging to the relationship between a dog and a human.

If you'd like to learn more about us, please visit DogBoyNYC dot com.

I hope that I answered some of your puppy questions during this series, and I encourage you to go out, find yourself a puppy, and start the adventure of a lifetime.

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