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How to Introduce Others

Learn how to introduce others from manners expert Faye de Muyshondt in this Howcast video.


Hi I am Faide de Moishan here with you from social skills, to teach you how to introduce others.

Now, it little bit tricky these days. I would like to say that an 'introduction' is a wonderful thing. But, if we're splitting hairs, there is a proper way to make an introduction.

So for example, if I were introducing my principal to my mother I would present my mother to the principle because that principle is the person in honor.

You could also look at the author person may be the person on honor, so in this case I would say "Principal Lewis, I would like you to meet my mother Anne Rogaski. So you are introducing both people. Now I am also giving a little bit of information about both peoples. So principal Lewis is obviously the Principal and I am introducing Principal Lewis to my mother. So as you make introductions, you want to get just a little bit of information about one and other. Also you want to be sure that you use the first and last name as you make those introductions.

So lets say you are introducing your girl friend to your friend. In that case it little bit less formal and also there is not necessarily one person representing to the other. So lets say your girlfriend is Jennifer Brown and your friend is Barby Johns.This is how you do it. "Barby, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Jennifer Brown, Jennifer, this is Barby Johns, a very good friend of mine from High school". So you are giving again a little bit of information about both people so that helps to identify each of them. And that is how to introduce others.

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