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How to End a Friendship

Learn how to end a friendship from manners expert Faye de Muyshondt in this Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Fay de Moyshant, here with you from Social Skills to discuss the sticky topic of how to end a friendship. Ending a friendship is never easy. There are three general scenarios that can occur as you end a friendship. One is having a face-to-face verbal exchange where you, most likely in the midst of an angry situation or a fury, you tell the person that you don't want to be friends, and you explain why you don't want to be friends.

Another scenario might be just ending a friendship, stopping communicating with someone, and basically ending it without giving them any reason, which is one that I really don't suggest. The other is starting to kind of wind down a friendship, which is basically winding down the communication or slowing the communication down, slowing down the amount of time that you spend with a person, slowing down your contact with the person, which hopefully and eventually starts to wind down the friendship that you want to end. And that's probably the softest way to end a friendship. And those are three ways that you can do the really difficult task of ending a friendship.

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