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Tips on How to Make a Toast

Learn how to make a toast from manners expert Faye de Muyshondt in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Faye Demoishon of Social Skills. Here to share with you how to make a toast. It's common and it's customary in our culture to make a toast particularly at a special dinner or a special occasion. So, let's take for example a graduation party. What you would want to do is have your toast planned out in advance. I always suggest planning your toast down in advance. It just helps ease the feelings of nervousness before you go ahead and make the toast.

Once you have the toast in mind you're going to want to first and foremost get everyone's attention. You can do so by tapping a piece of silverware on the glass gently to get everyone's attention. Once you have everyone's attention you might want to stand up just to make it a little bit more formal and offer the toast.

So, it might be, I'd like to congratulate Jennifer on a job well done at University. Over the course of the last four years she's managed to be on the Dean's List, she's had a number of internships and I'd like to offer my warmest congratulations on a job well done. Now, after you say the toast and after you have made eye contact with all of the people that you're talking to, you're going to want to raise your glass and say, cheers. And as you say cheers make sure that you make eye contact with all of the people at the table.

It's actually considered rude not to make eye contact during a toast. So, if you can, tap glasses with the other people at the table gently. And if you can't reach someone's glass you could just offer up a toast in the air and just be sure to use your eye contact. And as you offer up your cheers make sure you take a sip of your wine. So many of us forget to take a sip after saying our toast. So, those are just a few of the tips on how to make a toast.

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