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How to Get Around Paris

Learn the best ways to get around Paris in this Howcast travel video.


Paris is a wonderful city to walk in, but if you’d rather not walk, you still won’t have to brave the traffic. Taking the métro is another economical and easy way to get around Paris. Métro stations are marked with M signs and can be found under most of the city’s major boulevards. If you want to leave central Paris, you can take the RER commuter trains out to the suburbs. If there’s somewhere inside the city the métro won’t take you to directly, the buses usually will–and there’s the added bonus of spending more time above ground and taking in the sights. You’ll want to see as much of the city as you can. Another way to work in sightseeing while you get around from place to place is by bicycle. There’s a lot of room for biking and most streets are safe for cyclists. You can rent a bicycle for just a few Euros through the Vélib program. Taxis are another convenient option and they aren't too pricey. Look for taxi stations near train stations, big crossings, or hotels. There are plenty of easy ways to get around Paris, which makes the city that much easier to enjoy.

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