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How to Visit NYC Museums & Galleries

Learn about New York City's museums and art galleries in this Howcast travel video.


The Natural History Museum and the MET, which is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, are my two favorite museums in New York City. Not only are they what I considered to be the best in New York, but they are also free. The Natural History Museum has so much great stuff to see. There’s the Whale Room which has that gigantic sperm whale that is floating across the ceiling. And then of course there’s the dinosaurs which are incredible. Some of the other museums in New York are the MoMA, which is the Museum of Modern Art. Again a great museum. A few other museums that are a little bit smaller, but are super cool are the Cooper Hewitt. Cooper Hewitt is on the Upper East Side, up on Fifth Avenue. It’s a design museum. They just have great textiles, or they talk about architecture, or they talk about all things that are design, it’s really cool. One fun thing to do is to poke around the Chelsea Gallery District. If you go between eleventh avenue and tenth avenues, from approximately Twenty-third street to Twenty-sixth street you are just going to find door to door galleries and they’re all free. And of course they have wonderful art, some’s more avant garde than others. And It’s really interesting, you never know what you’re going to get with each gallery, because they all have their own curators and of course they’re constantly rotating. Those are some of my favorite museums. Of course that’s not all of them. There are tons of wonderful places to go and art to see, but those are just some of my highlights and just a little of advice from a local to you.

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