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How to Use the New York City Subway

Learn how to use the New York City subway system in this Howcast travel video.


So getting around New York is really easy, we have a terrific subway system. And it’s one you shouldn’t be scared of, because it’s really hard to get lost. The first thing you are going to need is a little subway map and then you’re going to get a metrocard. Now, this isn’t like other countries where you can buy a metrocards in like magazine stores and stuff like that. You can really only buy a metrocard down in the station, but luckily there’s so many stations it’s easy. There are two different options when buying a metrocard. You can buy an unlimited metrocard, so you can ride as much as you want for like the week or the month. Or you can pay as you go. And If you do buy a pay as you go card and let’s say you put like twenty bucks on the card or 50 bucks on the card then you get a little bit of a discount the more you spend. Subways pretty much just run uptown downtown, and then there’s two that go cross-town. There’s the Shuttle, which only has two stations, it’s only Times-Square or Grand Central Station. As long as you are looking at your map and you know where you’re going and you know what station you’re at, you’re pretty good. I actually have a great app, so I’m always kind of checking it before I get on the subway, while I’m on the subway. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to look at a map. Also, something to think about is you know that the subways are twenty-four hours, which is awesome. They are always running here. It’s a great ride, they’re clean they’re nice and everybody is really helpful, and of course if you ever need any advice, you know, find someone else on the subway to ask. People in New York are really really friendly. Those are some tips on taking the subway in New York City. Have a good trip and a safe ride.

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