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Best Activities for Kids in New York City

Learn about the best activities for kids in New York City in this Howcast travel video.


You know it’s not always easy as one would think to keep kids entertained in New York City. Uh, there’s a lot great things for adults, but I do find kids get bored and they get tired from walking around. And it’s hard, you know it’s hard bringing a kid to a city that they’ve never been to before cause they’re just not as interested in all the things that you think are cool. One of the most famous things to do with kids in New York City is to go to Serendipity. Serendipity is an ice-cream shop and a restaurant that is on the Upper East Side it’s around the corner from Bloomingdales. Its’ been there forever and it’s a great place to go for big hot fudge sundaes and footlong hot dogs, frozen hot chocolates. They also have like chili, you know you can get like lunch. Personally I would skip the savory foods and I would go straight to the desserts, because the desserts are amazing. You can buy like a thousand dollar sundae there,which you should not do, because it just a marketing ploy, but I think its fun that it is on the menu. So after you are done with Serendipity and everyone has a real sugar high going, uh you can go next door and then you can go to Dylan’s candy shop. Dylan’s candy shop is this really cool gigantic candy shop and have all this retro candy, and all this new candy, and they have these pillows that look like gigantic candies. And, its just, its kind of expensive for candy, but who doesn’t like candy. Um, and its, its, Its certainly worth a pass. Um, a few other things to do with kids are there are some great toy stores in New York. FAO Schwarz is on around like fifty-seventh street and fifth avenue and that’s like the world’s most expensive toy store, now its a little bit less expensive. I think they realized that no one could buy their child like a child size Lamborghini, even though they are still for sale there. Um, and then they have like really like incredibly expensive dolls and they have life size giraffes and you can make your own Muppet in the FAO Schwarz which is really cool. So you can pick out the head and the eyes and the outfit and you know it really is an acting muppet, its from Jim Henson's Muppet shop which is amazing. So there’s a wonderful Toys ‘R Us in Times Square and at the Toys ‘R Us there is a ferris wheel. People love the ferris wheel, it’s free. I knew people on their lunch break who use to go and get on the ferris wheel and just spin around. And whenever I bring my nieces and nephews to New York we always go and check it out and go for a little spin and uh that certainly is a really fun thing to do when you are in Times Square and you’re not sure where to go. Another great place is Max Brenner’s. Max Brenner’s is sort of like a modern day Serendipity where they have all these crazy desserts. They have gourmet S’mores, and they have all these chocolate fountains of vanilla chocolate, and milk chocolate, and dark chocolate and it’s just like you come out of there and you are just on fire from amount of sugar you’ve eaten, but its fun and you guys will all have a really nice time. If you can go to Central Park there a lots of different playgrounds that are really fun. They have like different swings, and like pyramids you can climb in, and caves you can go into. Of course there is the zoo, theres two zoos in Central Park. There is the childrens zoo which is for like littler kids where you pet like llamas and you can look at tarantulas and at these little animals and then there is the big kids zoo. Where they have the um seal pool and then they have the penguins and they have this tropical room where there is toucans flying around and it’s like you’re inside the jungle. Those are just a few activities there’s of course tons of other things to do with kids in New York City, but those are a few of my highlights.

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