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Visiting Alphabet City in New York

Learn about Alphabet City, a neighborhood in New York City, in this Howcast travel video.


Alphabet City has changed alot over the years. You might have heard of it may be referred to as maybe Needle Park, just a really really dangerous kind of horrible place in New York to go, uh, its not like that anymore, its changed.. Anyway, now its amazing. Everybody loves Alphabet City and Alphabet City is named that because of the avenues. Theres avenue A, B, C, and, D. So, Tompkins Square Park is really the heart of Alphabet City and if you want you can walk around the whole circumference of it and theres great bars, and restaurants, and little shops. It’s wonderful because so many people have like kind of newer smaller shops that they’ve opened and people are really creative and theres a lot of labors of love down there. And you can really see it. and you can really feel it from the ambiance. The best things, and the reason why people most, mostly go to Alphabet City is to eat and drink. There are tons of great restaurants and tons of great bars. One of my favorite restaurants down there is actually a German place called Zum Schnieders. Zum Schneider is on Avenue C and its fun all year round, but during Oktoberfest it is bananas. They bring like an umpa lumpa band in there and everyone is in lederhosen and everyone is singing and you have these gigantic beers and you’re eating wiener schnitzel and its tons of fun. Theres a lot of speakeasies that are also these kind of secret hidden bars that have popped up in Alphabet City. There is Death and Company, which is really cool. Oh, theres Please Don’t Tell, also know as P-D-T, which to get into you have to enter a hot dog shop and then you go inside of a telephone booth, and then you pick up the phone in the telephone booth, and then this magic door opens and there is this hostess is there and if you have a reservation you can sit in this awesome little bar and the cocktails in the bar are phenomenal. You know, just kind of I really suggest getting lost and exploring and kind of make the most of it and you know kind of really feeling kind of the vintage feel and the ambiance and the artistic kind of revelry that goes on down there.

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