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Visiting New York City's Fifth Avenue

Learn about what you'll find along New York City's famous Fifth Avenue in this Howcast travel video.


Fifth Avenue is one of my favorite streets in New York City. I guess it’s more than a street it’s an avenue and an avenue in New York means that it runs North South. I suggest that you start at the metropolitan museum of art and you start walking downtown. and you’ll walk along the park and its really really beautiful. and then you’re going to hit the Plaza Hotel which is on fifty seventh street. and that’s really gorgeous.And then right after that you’ll hit Bergdorf Goodmans and then you’ll hit Harry Winstons. Harry Winstons is this really really expensive jewelry store that you have to make an appointment to go inside and they have enormous enormous diamond rings. Across the street from Harry Winstons is Tiffany’s, where you do not need an appointment to look at diamond rings so you should poke your head in there. Also in that neighborhood is FAO Schwarz. Which is a really famous gigantic toy store where you can buy like little kid Ferraris and gigantic life size lions and like the biggest Lego set in the whole entire world. Um, as you keep making your way downtown you’ll also hit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral which you should poke your head in too, its really beautifu.. and then of course you’re going to hit Rockefeller Center. Its cool to go to Rockefeller Center and watch all the other ice skaters and you know if its christmas season you can look at the tree. Fifth Avenue ends at Washington Square Park which is down in Greenwich Village and it ends at the Washington Square Park Monument, which is a wonderful really fun creative place to kind of go hang out. There’s a great park there and there’s always people playing guitar and theres a gigantic fountain that’s really famous. So that’s a little tour of Fifth Avenue definitely make the most of it. theres so much see You could spend all day bouncing around Fifth Avenue and kind of checking out all these different wonderful places and so many of them are free. So, um, What a great way to see New York City, right?

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