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Visiting Union Square

Learn about the area of New York City called Union Square in this Howcast travel video.


Union Square is awesome and it's become a real hub of New York City activity. Union Square is pretty much where downtown begins on fourteenth street and park avenue south. You know it’s been a really important spot in New York City history I’d say forever. Theres always been a lot rallies and a lot parades and a lot of demonstrations that take place there. Now the most important thing that happens at Union Square I’d say would be the farmer’s market and its the biggest Farmers Market in New York City.The Farmer’s Market is awesome, it is so fun. There are farmers that come from hundreds of miles outside of new york and they bring anything from you know apple farms, to vegetable farms to the veal guy, you got the chicken guyto the pretzel guy and everything is homemade. There is the person with the shearling slippers that also sells the lamb that the shearing slippers came from. Just walking around the market and getting yourself a cup of cider and some veggies or a big thing of lettuce or kale. Uh, its wonderful experience. its a real taste of new york and something not to be missed. So on the other side of where the farmers market is there is kind of an area where all the skateboarders hang out and all the demonstrators and people that have signs that you know they kind of want to have their political thoughts heard and the guy with the free hug sign. Don’t give the “free hug” guy a free hug, you never know where he’s been. Um, and [laughter], and there’s just kind of people hanging out and there’s another section of the park where there’s a dog run, some people bring in their dogs and you know all the nannies with the babies walking around. Um, and its really nice to just kind of hang out there and have lunch and kind of absorb it. So those are just few spots in Union Square that I like. Uh, Enjoy yourself, you know you’re at the beginning of downtown and, uh, you have all of New York City in front of you.

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