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How to Fry Bacon

Learn how to fry bacon perfectly from chef Adrian Ashby in this Howcast food video.


Hey guys, this is Adrian Ashby here and I'm here to show you how to fry bacon perfectly in your frying pan. What we got here is we got a nice medium high heat, we got our skillet, we've got our bacon and we've got our tongs. One of the things that I've done is I've left the bacon out for about maybe five or ten minutes, let the fat loosen up a little bit because you don't really want any flare ups, any grease pops in the face.

What we're going to do is we're going to lay the bacon out nice and flat. Oh, listen to that sizzle. Whew, that's good stuff right there. Now we're going to do about maybe, I'd say three to four pieces of bacon at a time. Now, just going to make sure that the heat is just right because, again, we don't want any flare ups now. Okay, so you want to treat your bacon like it's a nice steak and one of the things you want to do is you want to limit the amount of flips like a good steak.

So I would say a good maybe two to three minutes on each side should be good enough depending on how crispy and how well done you like your bacon. One of the first things I learned how to cook when I was a little boy was bacon. My grandma taught me and one of the first things she taught me was low and slow, but, you know, being a ten year old boy you want it now and right now. So, you know, I put it up to the highest heat I could possible imagine and that did not turn well in a cast iron skillet, I'll tell you that right now. Whew, lesson learned, I'll tell you that.

Alright, now it's time to flip. Look at that, oh that's good, that's beauty right there. Whew, alright. You want to keep your bacon in the middle so that your heat can distribute evenly. You don't want to overload your pan with bacon because then you'll have overlapping slices and then some slices will cook better than others and that's not cool. You don't want that. This set of bacon right now, it looks to be done. Let me show you right now. Look at that, look at that color. Whew, the fat is just right. We got our curl and I think it's time to turn this thing off.

Always make sure everything is safe. Now, what you want to do is get your tongs and gently grab that slice. Gently place it on your paper towel. Alright, okay there we go. That's good bacon right there. Okay now, we see it's on a paper towel, nice fresh plate. What I usually like to do, I'm a bit of a daredevil when it comes to the heat, I'm not really afraid, I'll actually make it into a nice little package and then press it out, press it out, press it out. So look at that. Bacon, for breakfast, dinner, whatever you want.

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