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How to Make Bacon Fried Rice

Learn how to make bacon fried rice from chef Adrian Ashby in this Howcast food video.


Hey, gang. It's Adrian Ashby once again. I'm here to show you a really, really great main course here. We've got bacon fried rice. We're gonna run through our ingredients really quickly. We've got vegetables. We've got brown rice. We've got our cooking oil, okay. We've got some water and soy sauce. We've got a little sea salt and black pepper, and of course, our dear friend, bacon. We can't go wrong with that. And then to round it out, we've got green onion, otherwise known as scallion, and some eggs.

So, we've got a nice heat going on our stove, on our skillet, and we're gonna pour in this oil. Alright, alright. There we go. So we've got a good heat going. We're gonna give that a little swirl. Now remember, we're cooking, we're not flambeing. So we want it to be a nice, even heat. We don't need, you know, all the way hot.

The oil looks about ready, so we're gonna pour in our vegetables. Listen to that, oh boy. We've got our spatula. We're gonna give this a little swirl. Okay, alright. We've got some really good vegetables in here. We've got broccoli. We've got carrots. We've got baby corn. We've got some sugar snap peas. And it's great for somebody like myself who comes home after work and I want something quick, but I still want something good. I don't want takeout. I don't want a sandwich from the deli down the street. I'd like to make something for myself. And this is what I'll do.

So, we've got the vegetables going. Now we're gonna take a little pinch of the sea salt. Okay. Flavor our vegetables. Alright. We're gonna take, again, another pinch, literally, of black pepper. Again, season the vegetables. And we're gonna give that a little quick stir around the pan. So, the next item up for business is the brown rice. Okay. We're gonna get a nice portion of that in there. Just enough for one, or maybe if you have that special someone, two.

Alright, we're gonna get that going. Warm that up. Let's break that up. There we go, there we go. Alright. Now, next, we're gonna put in our soy sauce. We're gonna swirl that around. Give it some real good flavor. Got a little water there for some steam. Alright. Stir this around some more. Okay. Now, next, our green onions, also known as scallions. There we go.

So, what we're gonna do now is our good friend, bacon. We're just gonna get that all in there. Alright. Oh boy. Here we go. Now we're cooking. Alright. Every little bite has bacon in it. This is great. Excellent. And now, is the time for the very end. What we're gonna add here is our egg. So, let's get the egg going. And now, we're really doing it. Here we go. Egg. We're gonna stir this around. Now, the egg is gonna egg as a binder between all the rice, the vegetables, and your bacon. We're gonna get this really, really good. Oh boy, this is coming together so nicely. Okay. Alright. I bring to you bacon fried rice. Enjoy.

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