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How to Make Bacon Mac & Cheese

Learn how to make bacon mac and cheese from chef Adrian Ashby in this Howcast food video.


Adrian Ashby: Hey guys it's Adrian Ashby here and we're going to make a really great main course, we're going to make bacon, macaroni and cheese. What I've got here are a wide variety of ingredients that's going to make this dish really pop. What I've got here is milk, flour, granulated garlic, I've got cheese, of course my good friend bacon, and what would macaroni and cheese be without the pasta. Now the pasta has already been prepped with butter and salt and things of that nature, it's already been cooked so that's great. We're going to do it stove top style.

What we're going to do is this, in our saucepan, milk. All right. Flour. Now the purpose of the milk and the flour is to get a nice roux going, a nice cheese sauce, this is going to be the foundation of the cheese sauce. So what we're going to do is to take our whisk, whisk it a little bit, we don't want any lumps cause once I put this on the burner this is going to thicken really nicely. And what we're going to do also to give it an extra added boost of flavor is garlic. Get that in there. It's going to give it another flavor profile, so to speak. Now again we want to whisk this so there's no lumps, we want it lump free.

What we're going to do now is shift over to the stove, cause I want this to thicken. So why don't you take a walk with me to the stove. Got a nice heat going. Now what we're going to do is let this boil, thicken, and once it does we're going to add our cheese. So we're going to stir this up, look at this, this is coming together really nicely. We've got a nice gooey consistency in our cheese sauce. I'll put a towel down, don't want to burn my counter top, and let's do this. Now we're going to start to spoon in some pasta, OK. This cheese sauce smells amazing, the garlic really takes it to another level. Let's get this out of here, and let's stir. Look at that, oh my goodness.

Now it's time to add some bacon. All right. Oh boy look at that. Bacon cheese macaroni at its finest. The color is just amazing. You've got the yellow from the cheese, you've got the red from the bacon, you've got some garlic notes in there. This is just phenomenal, this is awesome right here. Bacon cheese macaroni, I know you're going to like this.

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