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How to Weave Bacon

Learn how to weave bacon from chef Adrian Ashby in this Howcast food video.


Hey guys, it's Adrian Ashby and what I'm going to do for you is a little treat, a little extra treat here in this video series. I'm going to weave some bacon for you guys.

Now, I know that you guys have come across some things online where you have things like bacon explosions, bacon fatty's, bacon taco shells. I'm going to give you some sort of insight, a little insight as to how to get this accomplished.

We are going to start out pretty simply. We're gonna spread them apart. Think about that pie that your grandma used to make, you know, with the window pane and all that good stuff, you know. So, this is what we are going to do. It's pretty simple.

You're gonna want your weave to be kinda like this, but this is the catch, okay. We're gonna do one. We're gonna do two. We're gonna do three. We're gonna do four. And, we're gonna do five, almost done. So, you just want to be up and under, up and under, up and under, okay. And, there, is your bacon weave.

Now, what we can do, like I said, you can take this. You can wrap chicken breasts in it. You can wrap ground meat, like ground beef, ground sirloin, or ground pork, if you want to make like a bacon explosion. If you want to do something like a fatty, what you can do you can take chicken breasts. You can mix it up with bleu cheese, maybe buffalo wing sauce, or if you want to do something really adventurous, you can take a little brown sugar, you know, like you want to candy it up with a little brown sugar. Maybe, some jerk seasoning. Take chicken breasts again or pork or whatever the case may be, and really do something with that.

If you want to do something really off the wall and crazy, like a taco shell, the best bet would be to simply, I would say, take it in the oven, you know, do a little fold over and there you have it, your taco shell.

And, that my friends is our bacon weave. There you go. Enjoy.

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