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4 Great Bacon Desserts

Learn how to make four great bacon desserts from chef Adrian Ashby in this Howcast food video.


Bacon is a great compliment to any dessert because of its versatility and I think also because of the range of flavor that it gives to a dessert because of the salty nature of bacon and, sometimes, the smoky notes that come with bacon. It's a great compliment to the sweet side of a dessert. Some of the things that I've done, personally, I've made truffles, I've made brownies to go with bacon and it doesn't take away from the taste of the dessert. It only adds to the flavor. It really takes it to a new dimension.

One of the funny things about adding bacon to a dessert is the reception that it gets initially. A lot of folks really think that it's going to be something that's not tasty, it's going to, you know, take away from the flavor of, let's say, a brownie or a cupcake or muffin, you know, for example, but all it does is add to it because when you start to chew, all the flavors start to meld and become one intense, intense flavor experience. And I've seen this countless times in competitions and, you know, giving desserts away to co-workers at work and they all seem to have the same reaction where they say, "This is the best thing that I've put in my mouth."

And this is pretty much just scratching the surface on what you can do with bacon and desserts and I think that it's up to you out there to expand and explore on all those ideas.

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