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Top 5 Cities to Visit in Jamaica

Learn about the top five cities to visit on a trip to the Caribbean island Jamaica in this Howcast travel video.


Jamaica is small enough that you can visit a lot of it in a pretty short amount of time, and there’s enough variety in its cities to make traveling worth it.

Kingston, Jamaica’s capital and largest city, is the island’s most bustling, urban area. Check out the museums, clubs, and bars. And if the city gets to be too much, there’s easy access to the Blue Mountains a beautiful nature spot!

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second largest city and a tourist favorite. This is where some of Jamaica’s most popular resorts are, as well as Doctor’s Cave Beach, one of Jamaica’s most famous beaches.

Just east of Montego Bay is Ocho Rios, a calmer, less metropolitan resort town -- the kind of place you can get lost in idle time.

When you’re tired of the beach, cool off in Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica’s most famous waterfall.

For a quiet vacation, head further east to Port Antonio. It’s a more secluded getaway than most of Jamaica’s tourist hubs, but the rocky beaches and lush greenery are no less beautiful than any other place on the island. Port Antonio is just the place for nature lovers.

On the other hand, the city of Negril’s beautiful white sand beaches make it a popular destination for lots of people looking to relax in the day and party at night.

There’s plenty of variety in Jamaica, so if you’d like to travel around you can experience all the flavors of Jamaican culture. On the other hand if you all you’d like to do is take it easy in one place -- it should be easy to choose one with exactly the atmosphere you want.

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