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Top 6 Places to Visit in Jamaica

Learn about the top six places to visit on a trip to the Caribbean island Jamaica in this Howcast travel video.


Jamaica is the perfect place to relax, and there are a lot of ways to do it. If you only do one thing in Jamaica, spend some time on a beach–there are plenty to choose from.

Doctor’s Cave Beach is famous for its white sand and clear, calm water.

When you’re tired of the beach, cool off in the Blue Mountains, and find some delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to take home. From Blue Mountain Peak, you can take in the best views of the island.

How about exploring a waterfall -- Jamaica’s most famous waterfall, Dunn’s River Falls offers beautiful swimming opportunities and it’s a much easier climb than the Blue Mountains.

Not interested in doing any climbing at all? That's okay. Go underground instead, and see the subterranean lake in the Green Grotto Caves.

And for a change of pace and a more cultural experience learn about Jamaica’s complex history on a tour of one of the historic estates, like Prospect Plantation, where you can learn about Jamaican crops like bananas and sugar cane. Or visit the Rose Hall Estate’s Great House, and maybe you’ll see the ghost rumored to haunt it. Ghost sitings not your thing -- the Rose Hall Estate also has some of the best golf courses in all of the the Caribbean.

Whatever you choose to do in Jamaica, the trip is sure to leave you feeling recharged.

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