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How to Get Around Jamaica

Learn about the best ways to get around the Caribbean island Jamaica in this Howcast travel video.


If you’re not planning to spend all your time on the grounds of a resort during your stay in Jamaica, you’ll need a way to get around. Fortunately, you have a few options.

Buses connect most of the towns in Jamaica and are very inexpensive, but they also tend to be crowded and don’t operate on strict schedules. However, there are a few luxury bus services–just be sure to reserve ahead of time.

Taxis are also available, both for shorter trips and for traveling between towns, but since price is based on car and multiple passengers will be taken, you shouldn’t necessarily expect this to be the more comfortable option. If you want to take a taxi, flag one down or call a taxi service to pick you up; remember that official taxis will have red license plates.

Car rental is really your best bet if you want to go far. Just remember -- Drive on the left side of the road and bring plenty of cash, as many gas stations don’t take credit. During the high season, cars will be in high demand, so reserve ahead of time. If you want something smaller, you can also rent mopeds and motorcycles through most car services and hotels.

Whatever you choose, set aside plenty of time for your travels–you came to Jamaica to relax, not to rush.

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