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Top 9 Places to Visit in Barcelona

Learn about the top nine places to visit in Barcelona in this Howcast travel video.


It’s easy to see that Barcelona has sought to innovate since ancient times.

The Old City, is home to many of Barcelona’s attractions like The St. Mary of the Sea Cathedral which has stood in this part of town since the 1300s. The Cathedral remains a striking example of Gothic architecture.

Take a walk through the Gothic Quarter to see more of the preserved medieval buildings, then walk down the famous street La Rambla to visit the Boqueria market for fresh food and local flavor.

If you’re an architecture buff, Barcelona is home to many of the celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi’s buildings. See the unfinished Sagrada Família basilica which is still being worked on and is on its way to becoming the world’s tallest church building.

Casa Batlló is another of Gaudí's most famous works, admired for its creative, irregular design.

La Pedrera, also called Casa Milà, is a much larger building, but it features the same unique style.

In Parc Güell, you can see more of Gaudí's work in the artful landscaping he designed.

And, for more nature, head to the Parc de la Ciutadella, where you can relax by the lake, admire the fountains and statues, see the Catalan Parliament building, and visit the zoo of Barcelona.

Finally visit Montjuïc, home to the old fortress Castell de Montjuïc, along with a variety of museums and park -- AND, one of the best views you can get of all of Barcelona.

You can’t really take in Barcelona all at once, but you can make sure to visit the best it has to offer.

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