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Top 6 Museums to Visit in Barcelona

Learn about the top six museums to visit in Barcelona in this Howcast travel video.


Barcelona has more museums than you’ll have time to visit.

Start with the History Museum of Barcelona and tour the museum’s massive archeological site to get an idea of what Barcelona was like in ancient times, as far back as its Roman foundations.

Then, visit the National Art Museum of Catalonia, located in the majestic National Palace, to see some of the best examples of Catalonian art. It’s especially known for its collection of Romanesque artwork, from woodcarvings to frescoes.

See masterpieces like Las Meninas, The First Communion, and The Harlequin at the Picasso Museum. This museum is spread across five renovated Renaissance palaces and contains thousands of Picasso’s early works.

For sculptures, visit the Frederic Marès Museum -- this museum houses the finest collection of medieval Spanish sculptures around, along with a variety of other fascinating historical objects, from toys to ceramics.

If you’re interested in modern art, you can’t skip the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, which covers a broad range of Spanish modern art dating from the 40s to the present. The building that houses the museum is a work of modern art itself, with astounding architecture that stands out in an otherwise old-fashioned neighborhood.

Another great collection of modern art can be seen at the Joan Miró Foundation which has the world’s best collection of famous surrealist artist Joan Miró’s works.

These great museums are only the beginning of what Barcelona has to offer -- Barcelona is a fantastic place to experience some of the world’s best art.

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