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How to Get Around Barcelona

Learn the best ways to get around Barcelona in this Howcast travel video.


You’ll want to explore Barcelona’s streets yourself, but the traffic makes driving ill-advised. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for when you need to make a trip beyond walking distance.

For shorter trips, rent a bicycle. There are plenty of bicycle lanes in central Barcelona, and there’s even a bike-sharing system that will let you use a bike for free, for short trips.

If you don’t want to worry about navigation, carrying things, or prefer the comfort of a ca, it’s best to take a taxi.

They aren’t too expensive, and they’re easy to hail in the street–just remember, if the green light on the roof is lit, the taxi is available.

Taxis are convenient, but for a quick, cheap trip, the metro is the best. It’s easy to use even for visitors, and it goes all over the city. To find a station, look for a red sign with a large “M” surrounded by a diamond shape.

To stay above ground, try the buses and trams, which aren’t as quick as the metro but still cover most of the city.

For a guided trip, try the Bus Turístic, which will take you to all of Barcelona’s major tourist sites. You can get off to explore at any point in the ride, and then get on a later bus to continue the tour. A round trip takes only a few hours depending on traffic.

As long as you know your options, getting around in Barcelona is easy.

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