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Top 8 Places to Eat & Drink in Barcelona

Learn about the top eight places to eat and drink in Barcelona in this Howcast travel video.


In Barcelona, traditional cuisine competes with the new, but you don’t have to pick sides.

On the traditional end, you can’t go wrong with 7 Portes. It’s been around for well over a hundred years, and has stood the test of time for a reason. High-quality seasonal ingredients are used to create simple, classical dishes.

Tasting menus and molecular gastronomy are also very popular in Barcelona’s high cuisine scene, and there are a lot of great restaurants specializing in these trends.

For innovative New Catalan cuisine, visit Comerç 24 to try celebrated chef Carles Abellán’s new takes on traditional tapas.

Manairó is another great choice for gourmet ingenuity, with uniquely prepared dishes in a refined setting. But for elegance and delicious innovation at a more palatable price, try Coure.

Another good deal is Cinc Sentits, where the Catalan-Canadian head chef creates delicious fusion cuisine.

For seafood, Cal Pep is said to serve the best of the best on their tapas-style menu.

Or, for a more casual atmosphere, visit La Paradeta, where fresh seafood is set out on ice so you can pick what you want cooked for you.

Finish with an unforgettable dessert or three at Espai Sucre, the restaurant dedicated entirely to desserts. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of the tasting menus, or just get the dessert tapas.

From dessert to dinner, traditional fare to molecular gastronomy, no matter what you like, you’re sure to eat well in Barcelona.

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