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Top 6 Neighborhoods to Visit in Los Angeles

Learn about the top six neighborhoods to visit on a trip to Los Angeles in this Howcast travel video.


The entire city of Los Angeles is about as big as the entire state of Rhode Island, and you’ll want to see it all!

Start in downtown LA, where you can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, the theater district, or the oldest part of the city on Olvera Street.

Then head over to Hollywood, LA’s most famous neighborhood and the heart of the entertainment industry. Search for your favorite stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or take a tour of the Paramount Pictures studios.

For even more glitz and glamour, get over to Beverly Hills. A city in its own right, Beverly Hills has earned its reputation as a home to the rich and famous. Go shopping -- or just window-shopping -- in the decadent and beautiful high-end stores and boutiques on Rodeo Drive.

When you’re tired of the city, visit Pasadena for more of a small-town feel and a thriving cultural scene. Visit the museums and enjoy some fantastic dining --- Julia Child was born in Pasadena, and the restaurants there live up to her legacy.

You could also head out to Santa Monica and relax on the famous beach and pier, complete with carnival games and rides.

The beach and boardwalk in Venice are also popular and offer the iconic LA beach scene. The canals in Venice are made to mimic the ones in the Italian city this neighborhood was named for and they're worth the visit all on their own.

Whether you want excitement or relaxation, glamour or culture, there's a place in Los Angeles for you.

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