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Best Time to Visit Los Angeles

Learn about the best time of year to visit Los Angeles in this Howcast travel video.


There’s no such thing as a truly bad time to visit Los Angeles.

It rains very little, never gets too cold, and there’s always something exciting to do, whether it’s summer or winter.

No matter when you visit, you’ll always be able to enjoy the shopping, restaurants, and other attractions.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Los Angeles, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best time.

Though it never gets too humid, summers can be very hot, and heat brings out the worst of the LA smog. Los Angeles is also crowded with tourists during the summer, which means prices are higher than ever and you’ll need reservations for almost everything.

If you must go during the summer, make sure to book everything at least a month in advance, for better prices and selections.

Winter is a much safer bet; the air will be cooler and clearer, but it won’t ever get too cold.

And since there will be fewer tourists, prices will be more reasonable and you won’t have to deal with as much crowding.

Truth is -- with a little planning, you’re sure to have a great vacation in Los Angeles no matter when you visit!

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