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How to Get Around Los Angeles

Learn the best ways to get around Los Angeles in this Howcast travel video.


Los Angeles is a BIG city and it can be a bit challenging to get around.

Car rentals are relatively inexpensive, which is lucky, because driving is the best option.

Rent through the airport and reserve far ahead of time during tourist season.

Navigation and traffic in LA aren’t easy, so it’s a very good idea to spend the extra money on GPS.

Stick to freeways whenever you can and be prepared for traffic jams.

If you can’t rent a car, you’ll be springing for plenty of taxis. They can be pricey, but at least you won’t be the one driving. Call one through a taxi service or find one outside a hotel.

If your budget doesn’t allow for car rentals or taxis, Los Angeles’s public transportation is far from efficient, but it will do in a pinch. The subway covers some of the popular tourist areas, but more extensive travel will probably require a bus trip. The wait for buses can be long and you may not be taken directly to your destination, but if you’re patient and allow plenty of time for travel, the bus and subway systems will probably be enough to get you around LA.

Honestly, if you’re going to be staying in Los Angeles for more than a few days, renting a car is kind of a MUST.

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