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Plumbing Basics with Master Plumber John Wood

Learn about Master Plumber John Wood, one of Howcast's plumbing repair experts, in this video.


Hi folks, I'n John Wood with Hub Plumbing Mechanical of New York City. We're located in Manhattan's historic West Village. I've been a licensed master plumber for over 20 years and I'm here to share a few tips with you about how we're going to do some plumbing repairs you might find in your home.

When hiring a plumber you should always check with your state or city regulatory board to make sure that the contractor is licensed and most of all insured. When hiring a plumber ask for their portfolio, see photos of their work, and check their references. This should be no problem for a plumber to furnish.

If you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn , or Queens and you'd like to reach out to us feel free to do so at 212-482-8500. That's 212-Hub-8500. Or visit our website On the home page of the website there's a service request form. You can fill it out and we'll be right in touch with you.

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