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How to Do a Spider-Man Push-Up

Learn how to do a Spider-Man push-up from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creators Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell in this Howcast workout video.


Hi, I'm Ruben from Bootcamp here in New York City. Today I'm gonna show you how to do a Spider-man push-up.

A Spider-man push-up, it's more of an advanced move, you have to be able to do a regular push-up before you can do a Spider-man push-up. So the starting position is the same as a regular push-up; I'm gonna drop down, put my hands a little bit wider than shoulder width, make sure my shoulders are over my wrists, keep my legs back, my core is tight, my back is straight. What we're gonna do is as I'm gonna perform a push-up, but at the same time I'm gonna bring up my left knee to my left elbow. So I'm gonna come down, don't touch the floor, touch my knee to my elbow, then push up, and the same thing with the other side, bring it down, touch, then right back up.

A few things you'll want to do when you do the Spider-man push-up is make sure that knee that's coming forward, you want to keep it up nice and high, if your hips are very tight it might stay low, but try to at least keep it off the floor if you have very tight hips. Again, start off with a regular push-up position, alright? Then as you come down, bring that knee forward and push it right back up. The key thing is, you also want to have a little bit of co-ordination, you want to time it so by the time you get to the bottom of your push-up that knee is up. You don't want to make it two steps, it should be one solid movement. Spider-man push-up really works, really enhances the workout you get in your upper body, One; because it really forces you to engage more of your core when you do the push-up as you're coming down, and it also challenges your co-ordination and your balance.

And all these movements moving at one time really makes this push-up a lot more challenging than a regular push-up.

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