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3 Ways to Make a Push-Up More Challenging

Learn 3 ways to make a push-up more challenging from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creators Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell in this Howcast workout video.


Hi. I'm Ruben Belliard from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp here in New York City. I'm going to show you three ways on how to make a pushup a bit more challenging. One is by hand placement. Another is by incorporating plyometrics into the pushup. And another is by just simply leg placement, putting your feet in different positions. So we're going to start with hand placement. All right. So we can start normally. Hands are shoulder-width apart. Shoulders are over your hands. And when I say hand placement, you can bring your hands close. You can bring them wide. You can even stagger them. You know, one of the key things is you want to keep the principles the same. Make sure your back stays straight and your hips are not up. So it's simply I have my hands staggered. Go down. Come back up. If I'm putting them nice and wide, okay, just go down and then right back up, always keeping that back straight. If I'm bringing them close, I go down and right back up. So that's how we can incorporate hand placement into the pushups.

Plyometrics, we'll start with a series of three. So basically it's just a little burst. You're going to go down, and when you come up, push up. Land back on your hands. That's the simple way. Another way you can do is just clap your hands together as you come up. Come up. Burst. Clap. And another way you can do down is go down, come up, clap your chest, and that's a different way. So this is a progression. I'm like, hey, if you haven't clapped before, hey, just start with a burst. Once you get comfortable with that, start clapping your hands. If you can do that, try clapping your chest. That's the way we incorporate plyometrics into the pushup.

Adn the last tip to make your pushups a bit more challenging is just grab a chair and place your feet on top of the chair. So again, start from the pushup position. Find that chair or the bench, whatever it might be. Put your feet on there. Again, remember the principles. Back is straight. Don't let your hips drop down. And just go down and up. Down and up. Those are three simple ways to make your pushups more challenging.

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