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How to Do a Box Jump

Learn how to do a box jump from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creators Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell in this Howcast workout video.


Hi, I’m Alex Fell from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in New York City and I’m going to explain to you how to do a box jump.

A box jump is a great exercise that really works your legs, your gluts, your hamstrings, your quads, and your calves, your lower leg muscles. It’s a plyometric exercise which really taps into the explosive power of your legs to really heighten your metabolism and really get you to burn that fat.

What you’re going to need is a box or a bench or some type of low type of table that’s very secure that you can jump onto. All you want to do is starting out, depending upon your fitness level; you can start out at a very low heighth and work your way up as you get stronger and more fit.

The exercise, all you’re going to do is you’re going to approach the box, stand in front of it. Squat down in a little hack squat. Put your arms up and you want to swing your arms to get that forward momentum to explode up into the exercise, okay. So, you’re just going to squat down and jump up onto that box and then you can step down and repeat. As you progress, just want to squat down nice and low, swing those arms and explode up. Make sure you stand all the way up, get that full extension, and then step down.

It’s a great exercise to really tone the legs. Build that explosive power, so you can run faster. And, again burn that faster a lot faster by increasing your metabolism with the high intensity.

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