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How to Do a One-Legged Box Jump

Learn how to do a one-legged box jump from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creators Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell in this Howcast workout video.


Hi. I'm Alex Fell from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp here in New York City. Today I'm going to show you how to do a one-legged box jump. A one-legged box jump is great. It really tones your legs and really makes your legs nice and strong. Now how ot get started with doing a box jump one-legged style, you want to have different boxes of varying heights depending upon your fitness level and your leg strength. Now all your going to do once your set with the box that you want to use, you're going to approach that box. You're going to place one foot in the air. Right? You're going to bend that left knee parallel to the ground. Stabilize on that right leg. Squat down a little bit. And you want to swing your arms to really help get that lift off and that explosive power off the ground onto the box.

Okay. So you want to stabilize. Swing your arm. Land nice and steady. Pause for a second, and then you can step down. And then you want to switch legs. Again, squat down nice and low. Keep everything nice and tight through your core, nice and stable in your leg. Swing your arms, and explode up. Just like that. Stabilize, and then stomp back down. Step back down. Again same thing, as you progress with your fitness the same thing applies. You squat down. Swing those arms for that explosive power into it. Up. Stabilize nice and steady. Then step back down and switch legs, and do the same. Again nice and stable. Step back down. And that's how you do a one-legged box jump.

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