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How to Do a Jump Over Hurdle

Learn how to do a jump over hurdle from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creators Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell in this Howcast workout video.


Hi, I'm Alex Bow from Warrior Fitness Boot camp in New York City. Today I'm going to show you how to jump over a hurdle. Now, what is a hurdle? A hurdle is one of the obstacles that we have here in our facility at Warrior Fitness Boot camp in New York City. So it's the first obstacle on our course and it's a great movement to help lift your body up over, total body exercise. To strengthen every aspect of your legs, upper body, your core and that balance movement of landing and umping and keeping everything the core nation of it all together.

Now what you want to do is approach the hurdle, now there's a progression of doing this . If you're not familiar with jumping over a hurdle you wanna first put your foot on top bring your leg up and over and step down okay. Once you feel comfortable doing that you can then hop that foot up on top of the hurdle and it's going to look like this. You're just going to approach it, put your hands on it, jump up on top, bring that leg over, just like so. And once you feel comfortable doing that a few times you can then approach jumping all the way over. Now when jumping over this you want to think of it as a sling shot alright.

You don't want to push down, okay. Your trajectory of jumping up and over like that it's very hard to lift your body weight up and over. So what I have our clients do when they come work out here is I have them focus on using their body as a slingshot. And what I mean by that we want to grip that hurdle nice and tight. You wanna think about squatting down and pulling your weight over it while jumping simultaneously so it's going to look like this. You're gonna squat down and pull! And jump over and land K. So your trajectory becomes less and down and more up and over OK. Again, it's a slingshot movement. You squat down and fling those hurdle- fling your legs up and over land nice and steady. Again, up and over, up and over. And that's how you jump over a hurdle.

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