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What Is Boot Camp?

Learn what boot camp is from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creators Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell in this Howcast workout video.


Ruben Belliard: Boot camp is, I mean it's used to reference, you know, military boot camp where, you know, recruits that join the military, that's where they go in, and they kind of start from square one. Fitness boot camps have become more and more popular as the time progresses, because it's usually a one-hour class. It involves a little bit of cardiovascular work, resistance training, all in this one, one hour, and it's generally, you know, a nonstop series of different exercises, different, you know, circuits for that one period.

Alex Fell: You pack as much into it that you can in a short period of time to get the most benefit. It is hard. It is intense.

Ruben: But you can do it. And we can, you know, we'll guide you along the path. But you can do it.

Alex: And when somebody first comes in here, you know, we don't expect them to be able to keep up with people who've been doing this for a long time. So as soon as somebody walks through the door, we're not going to be screaming at them, "Move faster. Move faster." You know, they're going to ease into it. They're going to go at their pace, and they're going to build up, you know. They're going to start at a certain fitness level, and every time they come they're going to build upon that just like a house, where you're building a construction frame, you know, the foundation. You build on top of that every time until eventually you're running the show like everybody else.

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