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About Ruben Belliard & Alex Fell of Warrior Fitness

Learn about Warrior Fitness Boot Camp creators Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell, two of Howcast's exercise experts, in this video.


Ruben: Hi, I'm Ruben Belliard.

Alex: And I'm Alex Fell. Ruben: We're from Warrior Fitness Boot Camp here located in New York City, and we've been open here since 2008. We have a 7,000 square foot facility that encompasses an obstacle course. And, what we do day to day, is we run our clients and New York City residents into a Marine Corp based boot camp, which incorporates calisthenics and the obstacle course.

Alex: It's a dynamic, nonstop, one hour workout. Really taxes every energy system in your body for muscular endurance and muscular strength to cardiovascular endurance. Each class ranges in size anywhere from about eight to 20 people, and it's always a different workout. We basically started this about five years ago.

Ruben and I were roommates in the Marine Corp together. And when we got out of the Marine Corp, we both worked in the fitness industry and saw that there wasn't anything really Marine Corp related when it came to boot camps. So, we kind of put our heads together and decided we wanted to come up with our own take on it. And so that's what we created here in 2008, May of 2008. And it's been, you know, up and up ever since.

We have a lot of different clients that come to our facility. You know, we have very young people to people who are a little bit older. We have fit people and people who are not fit. You know, we kind of cater to all abilities in our class. And that's one of the great things about our classes. Because we have such a wide spectrum of individuals, everybody gets challenges at their own level. So it's not, "Here, come to this boot camp, and I'm going to, I'm not going to be able to keep up." We really try to work with everybody that works in through our doors and take their capacity and build upon that.

Alex: And how we're able to do that is by, the classes always have two instructors for every class. And what we do is we break the class into two groups where one of the instructors will take one of the more advanced people. And the other instructor will take the more beginner people. And that way we can really personalize it for each person.

Ruben: One of the things that makes our facility special is our obstacle course, which is kind of a mini replica of what we experienced in the Marine Corp. And this is something that typically the everyday person doesn't do. They jump over hurdles. Monkey bars. Climb walls. Climb ropes. You know, we did some of these things when we were kids. But as an adult, we typically don't do that. So what we take, we take our clients, and we show them different techniques on how to accomplish these tasks. You know, help them get stronger so they can get over a six foot wall, climb a rope, do the monkey bars. And they might not have, they probably haven't done since they were small kids.

Alex: Using the obstacle course, you're utilizing muscles that you would never get from just a traditional workout, even just doing calisthenics or a body weight type of workout. Because you're requiring yourself to pull yourself over walls, you know, carry your weight over monkey bars, you know, low crawl on your belly. Using these little muscles in these different directions that you would never get just from lifting a weight or pushing a machine. And so that's really what sets the obstacle course apart from any other type of traditional workout.

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