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Top 7 Neighborhoods to Visit in Venice

Learn about the top seven neighborhoods to visit in Venice, Italy and what makes them special in this Howcast travel video.


Venice might be a tourist town, but some areas should be higher on your list than others. San Marco is easily the most visitor-oriented neighborhood. You can’t afford to skip the Piazza San Marco with its famous basilica and bell tower, along with some of Venice’s best museums. Just across the Grand Canal is San Polo, which is the smallest neighborhood but still one of the busiest, thanks to the Rialto market. With all that fresh food nearby, it’s no wonder San Polo has some of the best restaurants in Venice, and is another of the more popular neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Cannaregio is much quieter. The historic Jewish Ghetto–which is actually where the word “ghetto” originated–is in this neighborhood, and it’s worth exploring to get acquainted with Jewish-Venetian history and culture. The Dorsoduro neighborhood will be more crowded, but when the weather is good it’s one of the most pleasant parts of Venice. Dorsoduro is also home to the Acdemy Gallery, which is the one museum in Venice nobody should miss. Finally, get away from the city to visit some of the other islands. Burano is a stunningly colorful fishing town, while Murano is famous for its glasswork, and Torcello will offer the most greenery and open space you’ll find in Venice. All of Venice is worth visiting if you have the time, so enjoy whichever areas your sightseeing takes you to.

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