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Top 7 Museums to Visit in Venice

Learn about the top seven museums to visit in Venice, Italy and what makes them special in this Howcast travel video.


Thanks to its history of trade and wealth, Venice has long been a place where the arts have flourished and influences from around the world are nurtured–and it has the museums to prove it. If you only visit one museum in Venice, make it the Academy Gallery. Easily one of Italy’s most prestigious museums, the collection features work by the best of Venice’s pre-19th century painters, such as Giorgione and the Bellini family. For even more 18th century Venetian paintings, visit Ca’ Rezzonico, which contains works by artists like Longhi and Tiepolo, along with unique 18th century antiques. To learn more about the history of Venice, visit Museo Correr to see antique weapons, maps, and more. Or take a tour of the Palazzo Ducale, which was the seat of Venice’s government for centuries. For a change of pace, visit Ca’ Pesaro to see Venetian modern art as well as a collection of Asian artifacts. Then there’s Ca’ d’Oro, which is worth visiting not only for the art and antiquities its gallery, but for the stunning Gothic architecture of the building itself. The Scuola Grande di San Rocco is another architectural wonder, with over 60 works by the celebrated painter Tintoretto. If you don’t visit any of Venice’s museums, you’ll be missing out on an important part of the city’s cultural wealth, so be sure to make time for at least a few.

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