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How to Get Around Venice

Learn the best ways to get around Venice, Italy in this Howcast travel video.


Venice’s unique layout means you won’t have access to the usual transportation options, but don’t worry. Walking is actually the best way to soak up the character and charm of this beautiful old city. However, you’ll probably get lost at least once. Few maps can really capture all the details of Venice’s intricate layout. It’s best to simply accept the inevitable and allot more time for travel than you think you’ll need. After all, getting lost in Venice is a special experience in itself. Venice is small enough that you’re unlikely to lose too much time from taking a wrong turn anyway, and there are signs pointing the way to most of the major landmarks. If worse comes to worst, ask a local to point you in the right direction. When your feet get tired, there’s one other good option: boat. Why visit Venice at all if you don’t want to experience a ride in the canals? It’s expensive but definately worth it to take a gondola ride at least once. Be sure to settle the price, route, and length of time with the gondolier before the ride starts. A little less pricey are the water taxis and water buses. If you’re going to be in the city for more than a day, a multi-day water bus pass is definately a good investment. Getting around in Venice should be one of the most memorable parts of your visit, so come with a sense of adventure.

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