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Top 8 Places to Eat & Drink in Vancouver

Learn about the top eight places to eat and drink in Vancouver in this Howcast travel video.


Vancouver is a foodie’s dream city, with tons of restaurants covering a variety of cuisines prepared by skilled chefs. For the best in regional haute cuisine, go to West, where local ingredients are used in new interpretations of classic dishes. Raincity Grill also focuses on eating locally–try the “100 Mile” tasting menu which, as the name suggests, showcases ingredients from within one-hundred miles. Given the close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that Vancouver seafood is especially good. Blue Water Cafe serves up the best of the best, using local seafood in innovative ways. Or opt for the low-brow, less expensive option at Go Fish, where you can get classics like fish and chips cooked to perfection. But Vancouver actually has a lot more to offer than seafood. One of the city’s most popular restaurants is Vij’s, where delicious and creative Indian dishes are served in an elegant setting. Just as elegant is Sun Sui Wah, which is the place to go for Chinese food. Try the dim sum or choose your dinner from a live seafood tank. Another popular Chinese restaurant is Bao Bei, where modern Chinese food is served tapas-style. For sushi, Tojo’s Restaurant is pricey but has been the standard for years, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. High quality food is easy to find in Vancouver, so you’re sure to eat well no matter what you like.

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